Quiz: Are you a Philosophy Boy?

1. Do you enjoy speaking almost exclusively in discipline-specific jargon?

a. Yes. It is required for intelligibility in the dominant discourse.
b. Frequently
c. Sometimes
d. Never

2. Are you more interested in speaking/lecturing/pontificating than listening to others?

a. Of course
b. Usually
c. No
d. I only listen to others so that I can demonstrate how wrong they are (and how right I am).

3. Are you a boy?

a. Yes
b. No
c. Irrelevant. Philosophy boys don’t have a gender, or a body. They are minds.
d. A and C

Do you like bullshit?

a. Always!
b. Frequently
c. Sometimes
d. Of course not. My statements are grounded in objective Truth.

Check your answers here.