A Project in Process

Welcome to my unDisciplined Dossier. As of October 2016, I’m still in the process of creating it. When finished, it will include records of my student life (Unofficial Student Transcripts), my teaching life (Troubling Teaching Portfolio) and hopefully a reference guide/hupomnemata (a capturing of what’s already been read, said, heard). It will also include an archive of material evidence from my student and teaching life.

I started this project way back in 2013, when I wrote Unofficial Student Transcripts. Now, since 2015, I’ve been working on my teaching life. I’m combing that teaching life, in the form of a teaching portfolio, with an edited version of my transcripts. Sometime soon, I’d like to work with an editor and turn this into a physical book (of some sort) too.

As I create more content, I’ll add it to this site, so check back regularly. Also, if you’d like to follow my process and progress, read the posts on my story blog tagged with #undisciplined book project and #processing notes.