Mutation 2: Aberrant Assignments

Aberrant: departing from the accepted standard.

Aberrant Approach: Crafted online assignments that challenged standard and “proper” methods for how to critically engage with ideas and then demonstrate that engagement and that enabled students to queer our class.

Course: Queering Theory, Fall 2009, Upper-level Undergraduate seminar

BEFORE: Queering Theory Assignments, Spring 2008

  • Group Presentation (40%)
  • 1 twelve-fifteen page paper or 3 five page papers (40%)
  • Participation (20%)

AFTER: Queering Theory Assignments, Fall 2009

  • Class Participation (20%)
  • Final Wrap-up blog post (20%)
  • 2 Presentations, related to work on blog (20%)
  • Blog Entries and Active Engagement (40%)



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