My Archive

When I decided to craft this unofficial student transcript, my initial goal was to document and archive my time as a student. I wanted to make sure that the work I had done in graduate school would not be lost or forgotten. With my questionable memory and my dislike of clutter, this fear of forgetting or losing important materials from that time is not unfounded. In fact, I hardly have anything left from my K-12 years, and not that much from college. I also wanted to make it accessible, both for me and for anyone else who might be interested in reading about the thinking, feeling, troublemaking and writing life of one student.

At some point during the collecting process, I decided that the various artifacts and documents that I’ve managed to hold on to for almost 20 years, would serve as primary source material for my series of accounts of student life. These accounts represent my effort to take stock of my life as a student and to trace the various events that led to my current position as a troublemaker who resides be- side (but not fully outside) the academy. My archive, which is not that extensive, includes: old student papers, professor’s comments, program checklists, student ids, conference badges, course and conference flyers, thesis evaluations, report cards, marginalia from some of my books, research and teaching statements, syl- labi, my senior, master’s and doctoral theses and more.

In using (almost exclusively) my own archive as the source material, I’m applying, probably in ways that would not be authorized by the academy, some of the academic methods and skills I learned as a student to my own life in order to take my experiences seriously and to focus this project. In this section, I’m including artifacts and official documents related to my student life and many of the documents that I created as a student.

  1. Undergraduate Student Paper (1996): A Life of Conversations
  2. Senior Thesis (1996): (paper) Does the Category of Women’s Experience Limit Feminist Theology? + (description and summary) Senior Thesis
  3. Master’s Student Paper on Butler (1998) Butler and Risk
  4. Master’s Student Paper on Irigaray (1998) Disrupting the Reader
  5. Master’s Thesis Proposal (1998) Proposal
  6. Master’s Thesis (1998) Master’s Thesis
  7. NWSA Presentation (2001) NWSA Presentation (2001)
  8. Ph.D Directed Reading (2002) Directed Reading on Butler and Irigaray
  9. Class Presentation (2002) Class Presentation on Butler
  10. Class Presentation (2002) Class Presentation on Troublemaking
  11. Summary of Coursework (2002) Coursework at Emory
  12. Request for Summer Funding (2002) Funding Proposal
  13. Exams Reading List (2003)  Reading List
  14. Feminist Theory Exam (2003) Feminist Theory and Rhetoric
  15. Feminist Ethics Exam, question 1 (2003) Home and Coalition
  16. Feminist Ethics Exam, question 2 (2003) Space and Time
  17. Dissertation Prospectus (2003) Dissertation Prospectus
  18. NWSA Presentation (2004) NWSA Presentation, 2004
  19. Dissertation:
  20. NWSA Presentation (2007) NWSA Presentation, 2007
  21. Course Syllabus: Queering Theory (2009) Course Syllabus, 2009
  22. Course Syllabus: Queer/ing Ethics (2011) Course Syllabus, 2011
  23. Statement of Research Interests (2007) Research Statement
  24. Teaching Philosophy Statement (2008) Teaching Philosophy
  25. Job Cover Letters 2006 and 2011

Other Materials located on Beside/s the Academy Tumblr