Emory University,¬†Institute for Women’s Studies
Ph.D in Women’s Studies with philosophy concentration
Atlanta, Georgia
2000-2006 (in residence from 2000-2003)

Fall 2000

  • Critical Theory
  • Race, Gender And Representation
  • Method and Topics In Women’s Studies

Spring 2001

  • Feminist Ethics
  • Third-Wave Critical Theory
  • Feminist Theory

Fall 2001

  • Literature, Politics and the Woman Writer
  • Masculinity and Violence in 1970s Films
  • Foucault, Disputed Questions

Spring 2002

  • Race, Gender, Sexuality, Politics and Literature
  • Narrative and Female Selfhoods
  • Directed Reading: Judith Butler and Luce Irigaray
  • Teaching Women’s Studies

Doctoral Exams

  • Feminist Theory
  • Feminist Ethics

Language Exam

  • French

Spring 2003

  • Poetics/Politics (Audit)


Feminist Ethics and the Project of Democracy

Courses Taught

  • History of Feminist Thought, Fall 2001 (Teaching Assistant)
  • Women and American Identities, Spring¬†2002 (Teaching Assistant)
  • Introduction to Women’s Studies, Fall 2002 and Fall 2003