Movies/Television Screened

The movies I screened that I was really excited to discuss and that made me feel lucky to get to teach

  • Halloween
  • Stepford Wives (1975 version)

The movie that I liked to introduce with a story about how everyone at my elementary school in the early 80s was so excited when this film was screened during an assembly because it had a huge reel which meant we would get out of more class time

Free to be, You and Me

The movie that I would screen when discussing Judith Butler’s gender performativity in my intro classes and that I think about every time I listen to Cheryl Lynn’s Got to be Real, which is more often than you might expect

Paris is Burning

The movie that I screened in my Feminist and Queer Explorations in Troublemaking graduate seminar that freaked some people out, but that I really like and that has made it so that I smile anytime I think of “cha cha heels,” which is about as often as you might expect (hint: hardly ever…I’m not sure I even know what “cha cha heels” are)

Female Trouble

The movie that I screened in the Revolutionaries section of my Rebels, Radicals and Revolutionaries class in 2008 that people should be watching and discussing in 2016 as they reflect on the historical significance of a woman running for president

Unbossed and Unbought

The movie I screened most of before showing it to my Rebels, Radicals and Revolutionaries class but failed to watch the ending, which is pretty dramatic and violent and might have been helpful to warn students about

Born in Flames

The Brady Bunch episode that I screened in my graduate class on troublemaking and awesomely paired with Chantal Mouffe and Ernesto Laclau and their work on radical democracy, including Hegemony and Socialist Strategy

“A Fistful of Reasons”

The documentary I frequently screened to introduce Judith Butler as a person in which she awkwardly encounters and admonishes pants-less students participating in an annual “no pants day” on the UC Berkeley campus

Judith Butler: Philosophical Encounters of the Third Kind

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