Claremont School of Theology
M.A.T.S in Theology, Ethics and Culture
Claremont, California

Fall 1996

  • Intellectual History of Feminist Theory
  • Backgrounds in 20th Century Theology
  • Introduction to Women’s Studies in Religion
  • Critical Theory and Deconstruction

Spring 1997

  • Contemporary Feminist Theory
  • Major Interpreters in Study of Religion
  • Feminist/Womanist Theory

Fall 1997

  • Hermeneutics and Critical Theory
  • Whitehead’s Philosophy
  • Theological Constructions and Cultural Analysis

Spring 1998

  • Ethics and Violence
  • Black Women’s Literature and Theological Ethics
  • Culture and Sexuality
  • Pan African Theology and Moral Philosophy


  • Theology, Ethics and Culture
  • Women’s Studies in Religion
  • Philosophy and Religion
  • Systematic Theology

Fall 1998

  • Decolonizing and Feminist Deconstruction (Audit)

Master’s Thesis

  • Longing to Belong: Feminism and the Desire for Identity