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The class blog where I (mostly) successfully experimented with how to queer the classroom, trouble academics-as-usual and cultivate community

Queering Theory, Fall 2009

The class blog where I learned that my approach to blogging wouldn’t work in a huge class because it was too difficult to manage so many students and it was too much content for the blogging system to handle

Politics of Sex

The class blog where one of my online lectures was praised, via email, by one of the authors that the lecture was about

Politics of Sex

The class blogs that might be lost forever because my former University switched platforms before I was able to migrate the content and I can’t find archived versions of them on wayback

  • Pop Culture Women
  • Queering Theory, Spring 2007
  • Rebels, Radicals, Revolutionaries
  • Introduction to GLBT Studies
  • Feminist Pedagogies, Fall 2008

The class blog that I first experimented with using as the platform for lectures and where I had a lot of fun and made a lot of (mostly good) trouble posting on queering children, ads that sexualize brussels sprouts, being a killjoy at Thanksgiving dinner and pondering the certainty that it gets better

Queering Desire

The class blog where I posted a lecture that put clips of Gidget, Annie (and her song Tomorrow) and early, Free to be, you and me era Michael Jackson with Sara Ahmed’s feminist killjoy and J Halberstam’s queer/ing theorist who “fucks shit up”

Feminist and Queer Explorations in Troublemaking, Spring 2010

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